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The Economy & Coronavirus

Is the economy in free fall due to the Corona Virus?

Many fear so. Many have lost their jobs or seen their income drop drastically due to the recession.

The question is, why is this happening? Many blame the recession, blaming for the economy’s downturn. But the real culprit is not economic factors at all, but rather, our changing health care delivery system.

Yes, it is possible that the entire health care delivery system could be the cause of this problem. But, it is not the sole reason why the economy is in such a poor state. The problem really comes from the way people get health care.

It used to be that the only people who came to see doctors were sick people. If you were in the hospital, your doctor was your doctor, as well as your social workers and the nursing staff. You did not need to worry about paying any out of pocket costs for medical treatment because there was so much money available.

The recession has changed the way we all receive our healthcare system. People with jobs are no longer having jobs. Or, they may be receiving short term disability from their employer because of layoffs. They are finding that the amount of money they were receiving as benefits is decreasing.

Some are opting to have their entire family share in a monthly payment to use the health care delivery system to see a medical professional. Others are getting an emergency room physician instead of seeing the same doctor over. These people are now trying to set up what they believe to be a budget so that they will not fall behind in payments.

However, as these problems go on, people are becoming uninsured and underinsured. What can we do to help prevent the rise in uninsurance?

What Should we be Doing About Coronavirus?

We know that the health care delivery system is not to blame, but how can we change the system and make sure that the long term improvements made for this country will be made into a reality? The answer is that we need to start making changes now.

As someone who is an advocate for saving the health care delivery system, I am frustrated by the lack of action and inaction from the politicians. These politicians have used the recession to increase taxes, but not enough of them have considered how they can help fix the system.

If you have insurance, you must be paying in full every month for your health care delivery system. How can you pay for this? Once again, there is a solution: don’t wait until you are in a financial emergency before figuring out a way to pay for your bills.

Of course, if you have no insurance and cannot afford a monthly payment, that is another story. But, many, many people need healthcare and cannot afford the monthly payment.

Please consider all this and think on it, because the health care system is not what it used to be. There is a solution. We just need to figure out how to fix it.