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Outsourcing From Third World Countries

When you’re looking for offshore service providers, don’t be fooled by marketing hype in which outsourcing from third world countries is trumpeted as the panacea for all your business difficulties. You’ve already got a lot of problems in your life and outsourcing from third world countries isn’t going to solve them. At best, it will put them on an entirely different scale.

Does Outsourcing Hurt or Help Your Business?

You may not realize it, but there are many sectors in which you have direct competition. In some of those cases, outsourcing from third world countries may be helpful. But in others, outsourcing from third world countries can hurt your business. For instance, if your overseas service provider is operating in an area where there is a serious shortage of qualified workers, they may be forced to cut back on their service.

No matter how much you pay to attract a talented person to your company, without someone to train and supervise, you’re not likely to get regular customer service, and your service will suffer. But that’s a very thin line between being a good, effective company and being a bad one.

Of course, many businesses think outsourcing from third world countries is just fine and dandy. After all, there’s no better place to develop and nurture your business. And yet, outsourcing from third world countries can be a short-term fix to a problem that’s coming from within.

Many of the third world companies that come to your country aren’t doing any good.

They have no intent of developing your business, only of taking away your jobs.

To put it simply, the information technology system that is most commonly outsourced around the world isn’t really working all that well, and it needs very intensive technical assistance to help it function correctly. But the worst thing you can do when outsourcing from third world countries is to think that because they will probably be able to give you what you need immediately.

A lot of outsourcing projects fail, and the reason is because the problems they encounter stem from a critical lack of proper training. That is, they have only been trained on a standard computer program and have no idea what they are looking at or what needs to be done.

Do you really want to ship a computer program to third world countries and expect that the software system will work properly? If you’re outsourcing from third world countries, you will find that your business will never achieve the success that you are expecting.

If you really want to save money on your outsourced projects, it makes sense to start with a small project, which means outsourcing from third world countries. However, even a small project is too much for your employees to handle. You can’t have six programmers working on the same project, and you can’t have a meeting in five minutes.

In that case, if it’s urgent, you should be outsourcing from third world countries. And if it’s a large project that requires an enormous amount of preparation, then it will require a large, well-trained team.

While it is true that you might not be able to afford every employee you could afford in a foreign country, you could probably hire a few, perhaps ten or twenty, who could cover a significant fraction of the work that you would have to do yourself. If you employ that many people, you might be able to grow your business faster than if you were doing it yourself.

Outsourcing from third world countries could be a help. However, there are also some very serious risks associated with it.